Mogami class, HEAVY CRUISERS, 重巡洋艦
IJN Heavy Cruiser CA-13 "Mogami"
Displacement: 13,440 t (11,169 t Std)Machinery: 8-10 boilers*, 4 shafts  Main Guns: 5×2×8 in (203 mm)/60 Main Belt: 3.9 in 100 mm
Max Length: 661 ft 5 in 201.6 mMax Power: 152,000 hp 111 796 kW DP Guns: 4×2×5 in (127 mm)/40 Decks: 1.4 in 35 mm
Beam: 67 ft 7 in 20.6 mMax Speed: 35 kts 64.82 km/h AA Guns: 4×2×0.98 in (25 mm) ** Barbettes: 0.98 in 25 mm
Draght: 18 ft 1 in 5.5 mRange: 7,500 nm 13 890 km Torpedoes: 4×3×24 in (610 mm) tubes Turrets: 0.98 in 25 mm
Complement: 896 officers & enlisted Bunkerage: 2215-2302 t fuel oil Air Group: E13A1 Type 0 ** Bridge: 3.9 in 100 mm

* Mogami, Mikuma - 10 boilers, Suzuya, Kumano - 8 boilers.  ** Antiaircraft armament and Air Group as during the Battle of Midway (June 1942).

Four Mogami class cruisers were laid down between 1931 and 1934 as light   cruisers to avoid the limitations of the London Naval Treaty, but the barbettes for the main battery were designed for quick refitting with heavier weaponry, and, in actual size, the ships were larger than most heavy cruisers of the day. After a brief period under the categorization as light cruisers, all four ships were equipped with ten 8 in (203 mm) guns in tween turrets replaced previous fifteen 155 mm guns in triple turrets, and re-categorized as heavy cruisers in 1939−1940.

During the war, Mogami class heavy cruisers covered the invasion of Malaya, Java, Borneo, Sumatra, and the Andaman Islands. The ships took part in the Battle of Sunda Strait, the Indian Ocean Raids, the Solomon Islands operations, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and the Battle of the Surigao Strait.

All four Mogami class cruisers took part in the Battle of Midway as a Cruiser Division 7, the core of Close Support Group. A collision between Mikuma and Mogami resulted in both cruisers being caught and bombed by US aircraft on 5 and 6 June 1942. Mikuma was hit by at least four bombs and resulting fires igniting the torpedoes which blew away the rear funnel and main­mast. The ship sank during the night, and Mogami, hit by five bombs, barely escaped to be rebuilt as a floatplane cruiser.


Ship Builder Laid Down    Launched    Commisioned    Fate
 CA-13  最上  Mogami Kure Naval Arsenal 27 Oct 1931     14 Mar 1934     28 Jul 1935     Sunk in action 25 Oct 1944
 CA-14  三隈 Mikuma Mitsubishi Shipyards, Nagasaki 24 Dec 1931   31 May 1934   29 Aug 1935   Sunk in action   6 Jun 1942
 CA-15  鈴谷 Suzuya  Yokosuka Naval Arsenal 11 Dec 1933   20 Nov 1934   31 Oct 1937   Sunk in action 25 Oct 1944
 CA-16  熊野 Kumano  Kawasaki Shipyards, Kōbe   6 Apr 1934   15 Oct 1936   31 Oct 1937   Sunk in action 25 Nov 1944